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Waist Loss (Fat loss) Coaching

there is more to weight loss than just the number on the scales getting smaller. It's this reason that I focus on Waist Loss over weight loss. The vast majority of poor health outcomes we get from poor lifestyle choices are to do with an excess of fat, more specifically an excess of visceral fat (the fat that sits around our waistlines). We want to focus on reducing this hence the term Waist Loss.

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Performance Nutrition

Being an ex professional boxing champion I fully understand the needs of a fighter. I tried some questionable ways to make weight for fights and I want to ensure that my mistakes and my education in nutrition can be combined to create a better approach to a fighter stepping on the scales and competing at their best.

I have created 3 main offers for athletes,

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Body Composition Analysis

Getting an accurate reading of your body composition on a regular basis can help you to know that you are on the right track with your fat loss goals. I also run a DAT (deep adipose tissue) analysis to assess your waistline composition and ensure that you are reducing fat from the right areas. I use an ultrasound machine specifically designed to measure body composition that measured for accuracy against the gold standard in body comp testing. Click below to find out more...

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