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Waistpoint FAQ's

Below are answers to some of the more common questions.

If you have a query which is not covered, feel free to contact Waistpoint here

Will I lose weight

The vast majority of people that follow the Waistpoint program were originally looking for weight loss and they achieved this. However, most will agree that their biggest achievement was that they no longer worry about the number on the scales and now focus on ensuring they live a healthy and happy life.

Do I have to go to the gym

Not at all, if you are not a fan of the gym, that is fine.

Part of living a healthy life includes movement and or exercise so we will encourage you to get moving but this could be as simple as setting a daily step target.

What can I eat

Our approach to nutrition is to be truly flexible.

You can eat the foods you enjoy, although we don't just give you a calorie target and tell you to eat exactly how you was before but a little less. We help you to eat in a way that nourishes your body and gives you the results that you are looking for.

We also have Waistpoint approved recipes that you can access to give you inspiration.

Is this a low carb diet?


We do not advocate for one particular way of eating as everyone is different. We focus on ensuring that you eat in a way that you enjoy, that keeps you satisfied and is sustainable. Rather than seeing Waistpoint as one particular style of eating, think of it as your style of eating, done the right way.

Do I have to track calories?

Tracking calories gets a bad rap and we completely understand why, historically, tracking your calories has been about eating as little as possible. That's wrong and is not how we do things at Waistpoint. Whilst we think tracking your calories and macronutrients is a vital part of the process and gives you a deeper understanding of how the foods you eat affect results you get we help you to understand nutrition in a way far beyond just the numbers

I have failed at diets in the past, how do I know this will work?

We do things a little differently, we take away the pressure of having to hit a certain weight at a certain time and focus on the things that really matter like building good habits and ensuring that your nutrition is as it should be.

I'm not sure it's right for me

if you are unsure feel free to head to the contact page and get in touch with us. I will personally arrange a time that suits you to give you a call and answer any questions you have. Dan Woodgate: Waistpoint Founder

Do I need to sign into a long term contract?

No!!! We do not believe in tying you into long term contracts, we want you to stay with us because you are happy with the great service we offer

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