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"I created Waistpoint because I believe you deserve more from a plan than to just temporarily change the number on a scale"

"The Waistloss Coach"

Daniel Woodgate - Waistpoint founder

About me

Having competed in one of the toughest sports in the world (professional boxing) I learned a thing or 2 about nutrition and fat loss and I was fascinated by the process. I have also had a lifetime of struggle with the scales and It is because of this that I created Waistpoint so I could help others to improve their health and stop obsessing over the scales. Everything else out there seemed to revolve solely around weight loss and very little consideration was taken for the outcomes that really matter like reducing body fat but more specifically the visceral fat that is linked to all the metabolic illnesses of our society. Waistpoint was created not as a way to not lose weight but as a way for you to understand that there is far more to good nutrition and exercise than the scales.

Yes the scales can be helpful in some situations but for most they don't matter as much as we have been led to believe. For far too long people have gauged their self worth and results on what the number on the scales says but you are worth far more than a number.

It is my passion to help people escape the scales and start to get the results that actually matter.

To do this I knew I had to create a new way

A way that is personalised to you, a way that ensures you get results that really matter


The Waistpoint Way

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